acquire, attain, gain, get表“赢得”有何辨别?


让咱们先来看看acquire, attain, gain, get四个词的英汉双证明义,而后再举行辨别egold。

acquire /əˈkwaɪə us əˈkwaɪr/ v.(a) gain (something) by one's own ability, efforts or behavior (靠本人的本领﹑ 全力或动作而)赢得, 获得(某实物)

acquire a good knowledge of english, an antique painting, a taste for brandy, a reputation for dishonesty 学好英语﹑ 获得一幅古画﹑ 学会喝白兰地酒﹑ 获得不淳厚的名气

(b) obtain (something); be given (something) 博得(某实物); 收到(某实物)

my sister couldn't take her desk with her to the new house: that's how i came to acquire it. 我妹妹没辙把她的书案搬入旧居, 我即是如许才获得它的egold。

we've just acquired a dog. 咱们刚获得一只狗egold。

attain /əˈteɪn/ v.attain: succeed in getting (something); achieve 赢得(某实物); 到达; 实行

attain a position of power 赢得权位

attain one's goal, objective, ambition, etc. 实行手段﹑ 目的﹑ 理想等

attain our target of50000 到达咱们的50000英镑的目的

gain /geɪn/ v.(a) obtain, win (esp. something wanted or needed) 赢得, 博得(尤指想要的或所需的实物)

gain possession 赢得一切权

gain access to secret information 得以交战神秘材料

gain somebody’s affections 博得或人的爱好

i gained the impression that the matter had been settled. 我获得的回忆是工作仍旧处置了egold。his persistence gained him victory. 他因百折不挠而成功。

(b) get more of (esp. something wanted or needed) 获得更多(尤指想要的或所需的实物); 减少

gain experience, power, strength, weight 减少体味﹑ 势力﹑ 力气﹑ 分量

our campaign is gaining momentum. 咱们的疏通在兴盛巨大egold。

the plane rapidly gained height. 铁鸟赶快升高egold。

get /get/ v.get: obtain something 获得某实物

where did you get (i.e. buy) that skirt? 你那条裙子是从哪儿买的?

did you manage to get tickets for the concert? 你弄到音乐会的票了吗?

she opened the door wider to get a better look. 她为了看得更领会, 把门开大了少许egold。

try to get some sleep. 去睡片刻吧egold。

he doesn't look as though he gets enough exercise. 他犹如不足锤炼egold。

johnson got (i.e. won) the gold medal in the 100 meters. 约翰逊赢得百米金牌egold。

she's just got (i.e. been appointed to) a job with a publishing company. 她刚获得在出书公司的处事egold。

why don't you get (yourself) a flat of your own? 你干什么不弄套屋子?

have you remembered to get your mother a birthday present / to get a birthday present for your mother? 牢记给你母亲买华诞礼品了吗?

经过之上英汉双证明义和例句,咱们不妨看出acquire, attain, gain, get表“赢得”道理的辨别egold。(1)acquire指过程一段较长进程而渐渐控制那种本领。

she acquired knowledge of english by careful study. 她刻意进修而粗通英语egold。


he attained the position of president. 他毕竟当上了总裁egold。


he quickly gained experience. 他很快就有体味了egold。


did they get any compensation when they were dismissed from their jobs? 她们被撤职时有没有获得补偿费egold?